About Shawanda

Initially, my career path was centered in Business (Finance, to be specific.)  I’ve also been actively writing since high school.  While holding a position doing corporate writing, I decided to change the direction of my collegiate studies at Florida International University, switching from Finance to English.  My secondary and post-secondary education included courses in Report and Technical Writing, Classic and Modern Literature, Creative Writing, Organizational Management, Accounting, and Business Administration.

As a working professional in the newspaper publishing and travel industries, I gained the valuable knowledge, skills, and experience I currently use in writing for clients and publications.  While working in the corporate world, I developed proficiency in creating content and correspondence for consumers and businesses, with a focus on consumer satisfaction and brand empowerment.

When I’m not writing for clients, I indulge in creative writing (mainly poetry and novels).  I spend the majority of my free time with my husband, two sons, and two daughters enjoying food, music, and travel.  Ironically, some of my favorite topics to write about are also my favorite hobbies – that includes, travel, food/cooking, and music.

I LOVE reading, so there will probably never be a time when there isn’t a book, magazine, or newspaper within grabbing distance.