Business Writing Services


A great article is comprised of three very important elements:  a strong headline, a compelling hook, and content that grabs AND keeps your readers’ attention.  The tone of a well-written article is distinctive; it reflects the nature of the topic and caters to the audience it aims to attract.  It also possesses a striking balance between structure and creativity, and is always informative.

Through my experience in article writing, I’ve mastered the art of composing a great article.  What that means for you:  I’ll provide you with content that succeeds in attracting and retaining your audience.

Informational Web Content 

To have commanding online presence, your website needs two key elements:  distinctive design, and more importantly, high quality content.  When done well, web content gives voice to your site and announces your presence in the marketplace.

The content I’ll write for you will establish communication between you and your audience; convey your authority; and attest to the benefits of the product, service, or information you have to offer.  As a result, it will positively contribute to your current and future success.

Online Copywriting provides the following definition for copywriting:

“Copywriting is designed to get the reader to take specific action.  Sometimes that’s making a purchase, but it can also be confirming an email opt-in, calling for more information, or going into a store to check out the merchandise.”

With the web copy I’ll write for you, I’ll provide you the opportunity to engage that new customer or client; demonstrate the benefits of the product or service you’re offering, and call them to action – making that phone call, enrolling in that newsletter, or placing that order.

B2B/B2C Communication

The most important elements in all business communication is clarity, sharpness, and appropriate word choice.  Consequently, business correspondence carries the responsibility of succinctly communicating information or a message to its readers.  This is particularly important for business-to-business and business-to-consumer correspondence, where communication is intrinsic of business/client relationships.

What I’ll provide you will effectively and clearly communicate your intended message.

Internal Business Communication

The importance of internal business communication is simple:  to inform, update, and provide a collective understanding of the news, events, and operations of a business or organization.  Consequently, providing clear, direct, and well written correspondence to employees, managers, executives, or shareholders is crucial to conducting seamless business operations.

Whether it’s a standard memo, an executive email, or content for a newsletter, what I’ll provide you will ensure that each recipient is well informed and has a clear understanding of the communication being delivered.

Professional/Corporate Bios

Whether you’re just starting out in your career or you’re an experienced pro, a professional bio creatively outlines your professional experience, history, and experience.   The wording in effect, creates you professional image.

My charge is to ensure that your professional or corporate bio will effectively make your shine, and be a glowing demonstration of who you are professionally.  This will be especially useful for professional social media profiles, online networking, and your business or company website.


When presenting a report, it’s imperative that it’s detailed, descriptive, and demonstrates accuracy and reliability.  Format and structure are equally important, since readability affects how the information is received and interpreted by the reader.

My in-depth business experience lends to my understanding of this dynamic.  With this understanding and experience, I’ll build reports for you that will deliver the information that is most important to your reader, as well as to your company or organization.