Personal Writing Services


To land that awesome job, you have to emerge from the sea of equally eager applicants as the best candidate for the position.  A polished, well-constructed résumé that highlights your skills and experience is exactly what you need to achieve this goal.

My knowledge and experience in résumé writing skills was built on writing résumés for job seekers that have gotten them hired.  I’ll do the same for you with a personally tailored résumé that effectively defines HOW you’re qualified, and leads the way to you getting hired.


Cover Letters

A résumé details how you’re qualified for the job.  An effective cover letter explains WHY you’re qualified for the job.  This gives you the opportunity to sell yourself – to elaborate on your experience, skills, and expertise.

The cover letter I’ll write for you will create a vivid image of why you are an asset, and how the company will benefit from having you as an employee.  The result – you’ll make a positive impression on any hiring manager or recruiter, and convince them that you’re the best choice.


Post-Interview Letters

It’s customary and smart to follow up with a hiring manager or recruiter, simply to thank him or her for the time taken to speak with you.  A post-interview letter is a brief but impactful way to ensure that recruiter or hiring manager doesn’t forget your name, your interest, and most importantly, why you’re a qualified candidate.

When writing your post-interview letter, I’ll successfully demonstrate your continued interest in the position and your desire to be an asset to the company you’ve interviewed with.  I’ll effectively and creatively use words to express your appreciation for the opportunity to be considered in a professional way, further demonstrating why you’re the best candidate for the job.


Proofreading & Editing

Oftentimes it’s very difficult to uncover every existing error in something you’ve written, because you already know how you intend for the content to be read.  This makes proofreading and editing your own work a challenge.

With a discriminating eye, I’ll review the entire document, ridding it of typos, awkward sentences, and other grammatical errors that weaken your writing.  My proofreading and editing service promises to enrich and empower what you’ve written, thereby making it more effective and impactful.

Professional/Corporate Bios

Whether you’re just starting out in your career or you’re an experienced pro, a professional bio creatively outlines your professional experience, history, and experience.  The wording in effect, creates you professional image.

My charge is to ensure that your professional or corporate bio will effectively make your shine, and be a glowing demonstration of who you are professionally.  This will be especially useful for professional social media profiles, online networking, and your business or company website.